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April 2001-August 2005


‘The only point of importance in any session is the unknown.’

Bion, 1967

An analytic psychotherapist with 20 years experience in private practice Jan Campbell Thompson’s professional focus lies in paying attention to the manner in which the transference and counter-transference plays itself out within the ever evolving therapeutic relationship. The crucial importance of the therapeutic relationship and its authenticity is central to her approach.

As a practitioner with a particular interest in the area of pre-verbal communications and their manifestation within the work, Jan considers images - which are closer to our experience than words – profound gifts to the therapeutic alliance. Engagement in depth analysis – including dream work - over the longer-term is her preferred way of working.

Based in Perth previously Jan was involved in the development and teaching of classes/courses on the theory and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for a number of organisations including the Churchill Clinic, PSPC - Perth School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and Edith Cowan University.

An experienced public speaker Jan has given many talks and presentations, involving case studies on a variety of topics related to psychoanalytic concepts and working modalities.

She has conducted workshops for UWA (University of Western Australia) as well as for a variety of other profit and not for profit organisations.

Jan holds a B.A. (psych.mjr), a Dip. & Grad. Dip in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and a Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis. Understanding the crucial importance of childhood development in an individual’s life, Jan has also participated in studies of Infant Observations.

Jan is a Clinical Member of ANZAP, PACFA and IARPP (International Assoc. of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists) and conducts her current practice via Skype, phone and in person. She is also available as a clinical supervisor.



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