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Welcome to Uralba Clinic

Helping you understand your life.

Building psychoanalytic capacity in the Northern Rivers

The Uralba Clinic location is closed until further notice due to flood damages.

We have all made arrangements to continue providing care. For new and existing referrals please call or email individual clinicians as per our details listed below.

We feel strongly about the efficacy of psychoanalytic psychotherapy to help to assist the understanding of mental life.

Our focus is upon promoting the practice and teaching of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the Northern Rivers region.

We provide therapeutic and supervisory services designed to assist in the building of a psychoanalytic capacity in the local community.


"Peace doesn't come from an external source or conquest,
but through our own courage.
The courage to cross our inner
thresholds, to become intimate with ourselves, our pain and fear."


​This process of self discovery comes alive when we put our minds together. Emotional attunement allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves. As a consequence of this work we discover truth, peace and freedom.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


Psychoanalysis provides a way of being helpful and interested in the intimate understanding of the self. Self knowledge is the only route to making life less disappointing, confusing and frightening.


Psychoanalysis assists in the understanding of what causes our loneliness and pain which are not always obvious to us and can seem strange.

An analytic understanding can help to reduce the hold that obsessions and unproductive anxiety can have on our selves. We can become more capable of love and cooperation.


Please note 48 hours notice is required if you cannot make your appointment or a fee of $75 will apply.


Denis Casey

Denis is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, incorporating psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy as a core modality of his clinical work at Uralba Clinic.

Prior to his commencement at Uralba Clinic Denis worked as a General and Psychiatric Nurse in adult mental health inpatient services, community mental health and Consultation Liaison.


Phone: 0413 162 218

Jan Campbell-Thompson

As an analytic psychotherapist with 20 years experience in private practice Jan Campbell Thompson is a clinical member of ANZAP, PACFA and IARPP.


Trauma, anxiety, loss, grief, depression, relating and relationships, including the intricacies of sexuality, as well as death and dying are only some aspects of the human condition with which Jan is familiar and comfortable in her work.


Using traditional psychotherapy, dream analysis and visualisation Jan works with her patients in the uncovering, working through and understanding of their life experiences.

Jan is open to long or short term work and is also available as a clinical supervisor.


Phone: 0419 939 938


Skype: jan.campbell.thompson

Karen Potter

Karen has been working as a Psychotherapist for over 23 years. She is a Registered Psychologist, Mental Health Social Worker and Infant-Parent Specialist. Karen is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Australian Association of Social Workers and the Australian and World Association for Infant Mental Health.


In line with the ethos of Uralba Clinic, Karen employs psychoanalytic ideas and practices within her clinical work. Karen’s main areas of interest include: perinatal; infant-parent; parenting; children and adolescents; and relationship therapy.

Karen is also available for clinical supervision and mentoring.


Phone: 0438 389 829


Sabrina David Webpic.PNG

Sabrina David

As a registered Art Therapist, I've had experience with a range of mental health presentations and work individually with children, young people and adults. I have a background and interest in working with eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, and women's health. Operating through a person-centered framework that allows me to offer tailored and individualized support, I work largely through an ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) model and attachment-based approach.


Art Therapy is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy, which involves using materials and the creative process of making art, to foster self-awareness and self-expression, and elicit therapeutic change.


No artistic skills are required to experience the therapeutic benefit of art making, as clients are invited to explore the power of metaphor and symbolic value inherent in the images they create. The role of the facilitating art therapist is not to analyze these images, but instead support the client in forming their own narratives and sharing their experience of the art making process. 


Rates: $120 per session

A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellations,
otherwise a fee of $60 will be incurred.


Masters in Art Therapy

Phone: 0439 779 849


 The Northern Rivers Psychoanalytic Study group. (NRPSG)

  An outreach program of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APaS) and the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP)

Who, What, When Where and Why.

The NRPSG, an outreach program of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APaS) and the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP). The NRPSG has been functioning since 2009. The group on average is about 8-9 members. The groups focus has been on developing psychoanalytic capacity within itself and for the Northern Rivers area.

The group meets for 1.5hrs five times per term usually on a Thursday night from 630 pm to 8pm.

Lectures, articles, audio and costs are kept to a minimum.

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