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Karen has been working as a psychotherapist since 1997 in private practice and in the public sector. Karen has maintained a strong interest in and commitment to the infant-parent relationship, knowing that this period forms that basis of future development and relationships. She has specialised training and extensive experience in this area. Karen worked at the Royal Womens Hospital (Melbourne) in the Intensive and Special Care Nurseries as well as on the Maternity Ward for complex issues for a number of years. She subsequently worked at Melbourne IVF and later Sydney IVF in Lismore. In addition, Karen worked as Infant-Parent Consultant with Family Support Network from 2008-2011.

Infant-Parent work – many issues can arise on the journey to parenthood: from difficulties conceiving; anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy or pregnancy loss and birth complications. The first few years of an infant’s life is a very vulnerable time for all, where feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, stress and/or depression can surface. Issues can develop for the infant in the areas of sleeping, feeding or settling or in the attachment relationship between infant and parent. And at any stage on the journey to and during parenthood
unresolved childhood issues can arise for mothers and fathers about their own experience of being a child with their parents.

Parenting – Karen works with parents and carers of children of any age. Karen explores together with parent(s) what is happening for their child, themselves and in their life as a whole to understand where the issues stem from and to identify strategies to overcome them.


Children and Adolescents – Karen comes from a relational perspective with this work, which means initially working closely with parent(s) and then when needed Karen meets with the child. There are a number of developmental stages and milestones to be reached through these years and sometimes difficulties arise for the child or adolescent. Additionally, social issues, anxieties, insecurities, bullying, parents separating and parent-child relationship issues can become apparent.


Relationship/couple therapy – the coming together of two people can sometimes lead to disharmony, miscommunication or frustrations and if not dealt with can sometimes turn into conflict and/or the breakdown of a relationship. Being able to openly acknowledge when issues surface and to be committed to working on
them together and with a therapist when needed strengthens and deepens relationships.

Karen also works more generally with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, difficulties adjusting to particular stages of life, mood and personality disorders.



Bachelor of Social Work (1997)
Graduate Diploma Infant Mental Health (2002)
Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) 2017


Please contact Karen on 0438 389 829 if you would like to make a time.

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